Our Story

In late 2017, Adhir Potdar, Founder CEO of Isana systems came across a report “India: Health of the Nation’s States” done by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) which estimated proportion of all deaths due to Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) has increased from 37.09% in 1990 to 61.8% in 2016. This significant increase in number of deaths also included Adhir’s beloved mother who had fallen prey to NCD. This incident inspired Adhir to use his IT expertise and help wellness industry in the fight against NCDs.

By then Adhir had helped multiple software start-ups to establish under umbrella of Isana Systems. Adhir decided to start his own product venture in wellness domain and formed PranaCare in 2018.

Adhir’s old team member Pankaj Nirale was quick to notice the potential and need of such wellness platform and joined him. Together they started the journey of building Digital Collaboration Platform PranaCare with aim of “Inspiring Better Life”.

The problem we solve

Conventional wellness consultations are mostly done manually. Being manual they provide very minimal ability to monitor food consumption as well as workout patterns of patients and influence adherence of prescribed wellness plans. Keeping patient motivated also becomes challenging at times due to limited options of engagement and time constraints. Hence a strong collaboration is required between wellness expert and patient. It is extremely crucial for all wellness experts to adapt latest technologies and bridge the gaps between goals and actual achievements.

PranaCare offers a Digital Collaboration platform for wellness experts like Dietitians, Diabetologists, Pathologists, Gynaecologists, Cardiologists and Fitness Clubs to fully digitize their business.

Shifting to Digital consultation eliminates manual work and saves significant amount of time which can be used for consulting additional patients. Digital data capture enables consultant to study complex patterns and contribute to research. Digital engagement keeps patients motivated and reduces number of patient dropping out of wellness plan.

PranaCare integrates with different partners in wellness ecosystem using Blockchain powered Digital Platform. This integration enables seamless collaboration between all wellness experts and helps in building a holistic 360-degree view of patient’s health. Use of Artificial Intelligence further enriches Patient Profile with research-based health scores as well as predictive analysis of health risks. PranaCare also offers a Wellness Market Place enabling cross selling of healthcare products and services under one roof.

While we promote Digitization, we strongly believe that human interaction is critical for success of any wellness consultation. We focus on enabling wellness experts as opposed to building software as alternative to human interaction.